Season 1: On Set Video

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Speculation: Star-Crossed Premiere Date / Air Day

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After reviewing The CW’s proposed calendar for January 2014 it appears there may be an opportunity for Star-Crossed and The 100 to air together on Fridays. One in the time slot currently occupied by The Carrie Diaries, and the other in the time slot occupied by Nikita.

The Calendar (available below) indicates that The Carrie Diaries season finale airs January 31, 2014. With Nikita’s final season only 6 episodes long and it’s finale scheduled to air on 27 December 2013, the 9:00PM Friday time slot will be available from January onwards. It would however, be extremely unusual for The CW to air two brand new series on the same night. Usually a new series is supported by the lead-in of a popular, well-seated series to ensure viewers are tuning in, so a schedule rotation could be on the cards.

If the Friday openings are planned for the new mid-season shows, I would surmise that neither series would air until late February or March due to the lack of promotional materials released (the last in May 2013). A March, April or May premiere date would make the most sense to allow The CW time to advertise and promote both series.

If Star-Crossed airs on Friday’s will you be tuning in?

Update: The Latest details released make it appear Reign will air its’ season finale on May 29, 2014. This leaves time for Season 1 of Star-Crossed to air between June and September, before Fall shows return. Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait that long!


Please note this is a SPECULATION post. This is not confirmed by The CW, The Star-Crossed Cast or Crew. This is just my opinion based off my own research.


Episode Title: 1.13 Revealed

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The title for the Season 1 finale has been released!

Season 1, Episode 13: Passion Lends Them Power

Site Updates: Maintenance

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STARCROSSEDFAN.COM will be down shortly for a brief period of maintenance and updates. This will last approximately 30 minutes to one hour. See you on the other side!

Season 1: On Set Photos

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The latest collection of photos from the set of Star-Crossed. Previews and links are available below:


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Magazine: Matt Lanter in Bliss September 2013

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Matt Lanter was featured in Bliss Magazine, issue September 2013. A copy is available below:

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